Photo of the Week: Chinese Theater

Chinese TheaterOne of my favorite places I saw when briefly visiting Hollywood was the TCL Chinese Theater. I wish I would have taken the opportunity to go inside. The architecture is stunning so I can only imagine what the interior looks like. So many famous events and people have been to this theater. The Walk of Fame right in front of the theater is mesmerizing as you look for your favorite celebrity signings. The crowds are massive, but I recommend visiting at least once!


Bucket List Addition: Alaska

I’m not really an outdoorsy or cold-weather person. But, Alaska has so much beauty to offer that I feel I need to get there one day. All the pictures I’ve seen are full of vibrant colors. The scenery is just breathtaking!

But what do I want to do specifically?
1. See the Mendenhall Glacier Caves
2. Witness the northern lights
3. Get upclose, but not too close, to wildlife
4. Whale watch
5. See Alpenglow at midnight

For those who have been to Alaska, what do you recommend on doing? I can image most people would recommend going in the summer months to avoid the brutal cold of winter. Are there any pointers you have for people getting ready to explore the Alaskan planes?

Share your insight in the comments!

Photo of the Week: Bush Family Compound

Bush Family Compound

The home of the 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, is in Kennebunkport, Maine. This now famous landmark has been an important part of the Bush family, serving as a backdrop to family important family events. Visitors to Kennebunkport are drawn to Walker’s Point to get a glimpse into American royalty. The family doesn’t stay secluded on their private property. They, too, like to enjoy what Kennebunkport has to offer and will often been seen in the town. Former presidents and tourists alike, we are all people enjoying beautiful places.

Cedar Point Squashes the Mantis

On September 1, Cedar Point announced that it would be closing down the stand-up roller coaster, Mantis. The ride opened on May 11, 1996 and, since it’s inaugural ride, it has thrill more than 22 million Ride Warriors.

The question becomes: What’s next? Cedar Point tends to build a new coaster every other year. Last year, the park introduced the Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream. In 2013, it was GateKeeper. It looks like the Ohio amusement park is due for a new roller coaster.

Back when Lebron James was deciding whether or not to come back to Cleveland, which he did (Go Cavs!), Cedar Point said they would rename a roller coaster after King James if he returned to his hometown. No coaster has been renamed for the basketball star, but one can let thoughts wander. Will Cedar Point build a new coaster to  be debuted in 2015 named after LBJ?

Time will tell what will happen with the Mantis closing and the promise to rename a coaster after Lebron. If you want to take one last ride on Mantis, be sure to get here quickly. The final ride will happen on October 19. Keep in mind the park is now only running weekend hours!

I leave you with a couple questions. Will you miss Mantis? What do you want to see replace the once record-breaking ride? Share in the comments!

Looking back on summer festivities

Summer PhotoGrid

That’s right, folks. Labor Day unofficially marked the end of summer. It’s time to take a look back on this summer before the cold weather creeps in. Dependent on where you are in the world, your summer may just be beginning! If that’s the case, lucky you. :)


I took my first solo trip across the country from Ohio to California. I have always traveled with family and never alone. Work has given me the opportunity to be an independent traveler. There is something enjoyable about traveling alone. I felt like I gained a sense of independence. Shockingly, eating dinner a lot takes a bit of courage!

Next came my trips to Virginia and Maine to visit family. Driving from Ohio to Maine takes twelve hours and six of those hours is spent driving through New York. Just in case you were wondering. Road trips can get a bit stressful, but visiting with family is worth the stress. I was able to spend two weeks visiting with cousins and my aunt that I hardly get to see. And let me tell you, a week isn’t enough. My advice to you is get out there and see your family! Make the time.


This year I set a goal to visit at least one new place each year. In the first eight months, I’ve been able to visit two new places. California and Virginia were the new places I was able to visit. I want to go back to California so bad, and this time not for work. Be on the look out for more bucket list items to pop up about me visiting that state.

Each summer, my work does what’s called the 20k Challenge. I’ve talked about this in a previous post before. The goal is to complete four 5k races from May through September. In the end, you get a prize for your accomplishment. As of this weekend, I have completed the 20k Challenge! For someone who is not a runner or racer, this is huge for me. I will continue this dedication to completing road races on my path to a healthy lifestyle. :)

All in all, I would say that I had a fulfilling summer! Now the question becomes, what does that last third of the year have in store for us all?

A roadtrip gone wrong


With Labor Day upon us and holiday travel in full force, road trips are a popular way to get to your destination. Unfortunately, everything can’t go as planned when you’re on vacation. Weather gets in the way and halts your outdoor activities. People can become ill. Events happen that are completely out of your control. So what do you do then? You roll with the punches.

I dealt with this while visiting Virginia. The first half of the trip went off without a hitch. My cousin was a great tour guide and travel companion. If you remember from my initial post about my Virginia trip, we were planning on spending some time at the beach.

Well, we drove three hours to get to Norfolk. With 18 miles left, we hit standstill traffic. Standstill traffic turned into a parking lot on the highway. The Hampton Roads Tunnel was about a mile in front of us and no one was moving through, but no one knew why. After about an hour of waiting for traffic to start moving, we found out the tunnel was closed for maintenance. All weekend.

Frustration sets in and, of course, you feel some anger! But you have to make the best of every situation. So what did we do?

1. We turned around. That evening we had plans to go to the Washington Redskins Training Camp in Richmond. We canceled our hotel in Norfolk and booked a hotel on the fly in Richmond, changing our plan entirely.

2. We made random plans. We essentially had our beach weekend all planned out. This time around, we decided what we were going to do spontaneously. To add to this, the weather didn’t really cooperate. When it rains, it pours.

3. We laughed. I think this is what really got us through the frustration. You have to laugh at yourself and the situation. You can’t control life. Take it for what it’s worth and make the best of it.